Saturday, April 13, 2013

Free Stone Sour Track

Grab Your Free Stone Sour Track:
Stone Sour
Looking for a free Stone Sour track? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s Gravesend from House Of Gold & Bones Part 2.
Corey Taylor says of the song: “The protagonist is being assaulted by a lot of different memories and different things. He finds himself in a cemetery, Gravesend. He’s given the answers slowly but surely – and he’s not so happy with the answers he gets.
“In one way it’s retroactive as far as seeing things for the first time. On the other hand he’s having to fight the reaction he’s having. In a lot of ways it’s the culmination of the journey, and it leads to the final act.”
House Of Gold & Bones Part 2 is out on Monday April 8 – and if you preorder you’ll receive an instant download of Do Me A Favor.
Stone Sour will play at this year’s Download Festival on June 16 as part of a European tour.


01. Red City

02. Black John

03. Sadist

04. Peckinpah

05. Stalemate

06. Gravesend

07. ’82

08. The Uncanny Valley

09. Blue Smoke

10. Do Me A Favor

11. The Conflagration

12. The House Of Gold & Bones

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