Friday, May 31, 2013

"Paul Bostaph Has Officially Replaced Dave Lombardo

Slayer have announced that Paul Bostaph has officially replaced drummer Dave Lombardo in the band.
“Slayer’s Tom Araya and Kerry King are very pleased to announce that Paul Bostaph has rejoined the band on a full-time basis,” say the band in an official statement. “Bostaph will be behind the drum kit beginning June 4 when Slayer kicks off the first leg of its 2013 international tour in Warsaw, Poland. Gary Holt will continue to fill in for fallen guitarist Jeff Hanneman.
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Thursday, May 30, 2013

"Dark Tranquillity Interview

For the past two decades, Sweden's Dark Tranquillity have been at the forefront of melodic death metal. One of the pioneers of the Gothenburg sound, they are still going strong with their latest album Construct. I spoke with vocalist Mikael Stanne, who talked about a change in their songwriting process that made this album much less stressful, the departure of bassist Daniel Antonsson, upcoming tour plans, new music he's been listening to and other subjects.
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"Bon Jovi to rock unpaid in crisis-hit Spain

US rock supergroup Bon Jovi will waive their fee for playing a concert in recession-hit Spain.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"Kadavar Interview

The German trio Kadavar recently released their sophomore album Abra Kadavar. The band was supposed to do a U.S. tour this spring, but ended up only playing South By Southwest. The band's drummer Tiger fills us in on the new album, switching record labels, tour plans and other topics.
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"SLAYER's Jeff Hanneman Memorial – The Metal Injection Report

Metal Injection west coast correspondent Johnny Orlando Jr. was on hand at the Hollywood Palladium to file this report at the Jeff Hanneman memorial. More Hanneman memorial coverage: Read a full recap of the event with speech videos Watch James Hetfield, Phil Anselmo and other metal gods share memories of Hannema
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Metal Hammer's Black Sabbath ’13′ Album Review

black sabbathBlack Sabbath: back in black
Black Sabbath

"Roger Waters Elif Şafak'ı Çok Pis Taşşağa Sarmış...

Türkiye'nin "konfeksiyon tipi kitap üreten yazarı", iktidar yalakası Elif Şafak, poz yapayım derken kendini rezil etmiş. Pink Floyd'un efsane elemanı Roger Waters, "röportaj" esnasında verdiği cevaplarla Elif Şafak ile adeta taşşak geçmiş. 

"Tony Iommi Updates Us On Cancer Treatment

Tony Iommi: He is IRON MAN!
Black Sabbath legend Tony Iommi has offered an update on his ongoing battle with cancer as the arrival of new Sabbath album 13 draws near…

Monday, May 27, 2013

"Don Jamieson Interview

Season 12 of That Metal Show premieres Saturday night on VH1 Classic. Guests on the first episode include Lemmy and Jason Newsted. I caught up with co-host Don Jamieson for a discussion on some of this year's new show segments, some of this season's guests, his experience at the recent Golden Gods awards and other topics.
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"SLAYER Advise Fans To Ignore Westboro Baptist Church At Jeff Hanneman Memorial

Tomorrow is the highly-anticipated memorial tribute for Slayer guitarst Jeff Hanneman, who died earlier this month due to liver failure. UPDATE: The Westboro Baptist Church no-showed the memorial. Read our full recap right here. The celebration was mildly dampened when the Westboro Baptist Church confirmed they would be protesting across the street from the memorial.

"Ten Awesome Skate Videos As Soundtracked By Slayer

The guys over at Caught In The Crossfire have put together a pretty rad list of the best ever skate videos featuring Slayer tracks. It’s awesome!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

"Children Of Bodom Explain The Reaper

Children Of Bodom return with ‘Halo Of Blood’ in June

"Richard Christy Interview

He's the drummer/composer for Charred Walls Of The Damned and a staffer on the Howard Stern Show, but Richard Christy also works in the visual arts. He has developed a new animated web series Majestic Loincloth, a metal based fantasy cartoon. I spoke with Christy about the new project, the status of the next Charred Walls album, the Death To All tour (Christy used to be in Death), the passing of Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman and other topics.

"Pentagram Bikini: For Girls Who Want "Satanic Tan Lines"

I'm undecided as to if this is a great idea or a terrible idea. Budding fashionista Alyx Suttle has posted the above concoction for sale on her Etsy page describing the item as: Pentagram string bikini with triangle top that has a tie halter, and back. Full bikini cut bottom with tie sides. All black, .

"Akşam gazetesinde SHINING röportajı

Kvarforth sıcak sohbetiyle bizlerle.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

"It’s Three Years Since We Lost Paul Gray

Paul Gray’s passing in 2010 shocked the metal world
Incredibly, it’s now been three years since the world lost Paul GraySlipknot‘s bassist, prominent songwriter and, above all else, brother-in-arms was an integral part of the Iowa legends’ makeup, and his passing rocked an already bewildered metal world that had only lost the great Ronnie James Dio a week earlier.

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Friday, May 24, 2013

" Here’s What Happened At The Jeff Hanneman Public Memorial

We sent Joe Daly to pay our respects to Jeff Hanneman at the emotional public memorial event that took place last night. Thankfully, it looks like the Westboro wallies didn’t turn up. Here’s how it all went down.

"A Book About Black Metal...

Mayhem: black metal trailblazers
After years of painstaking research – and knuckle-breaking transcription – long-term Hammer scribe Dayal Patterson’s definitive, 600-page history of the black metal scene,Black Metal: Evolution Of The Cult is complete, and it’s available for pre-order via Amazonat a reduced price for the earlycomers!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

"The Dillinger Escape Plan Interview

The latest album from The Dillinger Escape Plan is One Of Us Is The Killer, which has been getting rave reviews, including 4.5 out of 5 stars on this site. I had a great conversation with vocalist Greg Puciato about the writing and recording of the album, the issues that inspired the album title, their memorable performance at the Golden Gods Awards and other topics.

" Black Sabbath CSI Episode Is Now Online In Full for US fans...

black sabbathBlack bloody Sabbath
If you’re reading this from the US, you can watch the recent CSI episode featuring Black Sabbath playing brand new track End Of The Beginning right now!

"Oral History of the NYC Metal/Hardcore Crossover Scene

Sometimes I stop and think how much I miss CBGBs, NY's perrenial hardcore punk venue. There was always a hardcore matinee, usually with a few terrible bands and then one or two bands that I actually want to see, but just knowing it was there was comforting. Not anymore though, it's gone. Reading the oral 

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"Volbeat Interview

Volbeat's latest album Outlaw Gentlemen and Shady Ladies has something for everyone. There are radio-friendly singles, a little rockabilly flavor, and even a guest appearance from metal legend King Diamond. I spoke with Volbeat singer Michael Poulsen about the writing and recording of the new album, how King's appearance came about, his memories of Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman and other topics.

"VIDEO: Heavy Metal Degree Creator On BBC News

The creator of the heavy metal degree being offered by New College Nottingham has appeared on BBC Breakfast News to talk about the merits of the qualification, which were brought into question by education campaigners last week.
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"Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe speaks...

Randy was found not guilty in his manslaughter trial earlier this year
Randy Blythe has posted another extremely poignant, thought-provoking and particularly moving blog that expressed some of the conflicting emotions he felt upon hearing that he was found not guilty of the manslaughter of Lamb of God fan Daniel Nosek.

"Phantom metal: Swedish rockers Ghost work hard to stayanonymous

Phantom metal: Swedish rockers Ghost work hard to stayanonymous
The Detroit News
Being anonymous does have its perks: The band members are able to step out of their band image and have lives apart from their musician roles, says the Nameless Ghoul. (The day he called in, he was headed to Amoeba Music, where he could freely roam

Monday, May 13, 2013

ORPHANED LAND - Our Own Messiah (Lyric Video)

"Study Finds Women Are More Attracted To Men Holding A Guitar

Head on over to your local Guitar Center and grab whatever you can in your price range! You'll be answering calls from Kate Upton and Emma Stone in no time! Or at least that's how I'm interpreting this study. So this dude in France basically walked around and asked girls for their numbers while holding 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

"Sevendust Interview

Sevendust took a year off, and when they reconvened took a different approach to the writing process for their latest album Black Out The SunI caught up with guitarist John Connolly backstage at a recent Charlotte concert for a chat about that process, the tour, whether they'll ever play an album live in its entirety, his side project Projected and other topics.

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"Album Review: AMORPHIS Circle

As kids that were born at the peak of grunge graduate high school and acquire disposable income, the 80's nostalgia that American society has been in the grip of for much of the past decade is quickly giving way to wistfulness for the 90's, which makes it an ideal time for Amorphis to make another bid at semi-stardom. 

"Iron Maiden Trooper Beer Has Officially Launched!

Iron Maiden’s Trooper Beer was officially launched last night at a special event at Robinsons Brewery in Cheshire, with esteemed brewing trade representatives from around the globe in attendance.

Hizbullah Duman grubunun peşinde...

Devletin PKK'ye karşı mücadele ayağına doksanlı yıllarda tetikçi olarak kullandığı sapık dinci teröristler "Hizbullah", bu defa da Duman'ı hedef alıyor (Lübnan'daki onurlu Hizbullah ile karıştırmayalım, Türkiye Hizbullah'ı devletin kontrgerilla örgütü). 

Friday, May 10, 2013

"Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman died of liver failure caused by alcohol, it’s been confirmed.

Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman died of liver failure caused by alcohol, it’s been confirmed.
“We’ve just learned that the official cause of Jeff’s death was alcohol-related cirrhosis,” say the band themselves in a statement.

Metal Hammer selection of Metalheads at Instagram...

So in case you missed our shameless and endless plugging over on Twitter recently (yes, that was a plug within a plug right there), we finally got our shit together and joined Instagram! SO 2012, RIGHT?!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

"Kvelertak Interview

After releasing their sophomore album Meir last month, the Norwegian band Kvelertak are currently on tour in North America. I caught up with the band's vocalist Erlend Hjelvik for a discussion on the new album, the very creative "Bruane Brenn" video, the tour and other topics.

Allen West arrested...

As I Lay Dying with Tim Lambesis (centre)

Tim Lambesis Arrest: As I Lay Dying Post Statement

As if this day couldn’t get any more bizarre. Former Obituary guitarist Allen West has been

What the hell is going on in heavy metal this week?! Former Obituary/Six Feet Under guitarist Allen West was busted recently for having a meth lab…

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"Tim Lambesis' AS I LAY DYING Bandmates Comment On His Arrest

Unless you've been completely offline for the last day, you know that As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis was arrested yesterday, May 7th after trying to hire a hitman to murder his ex-wife. The hitman ended up being an undercover cop. Moments ago, his bandmates broke their silence on the issue:

"Opeth and Katatonia Concert Review and Photos

Opeth continue to tour in support of their 2011 album Heritage

"Slayer: Dave Lombardo Pays Tribute To Jeff Hanneman

Jeff (second right) with Slayer

"A History of Rock ‘n’ Roll in 100 Riffs

Give the talented Alex Chadwick 12 minutes, and he’ll give you A Brief History of Rock ‘n’ Roll, with each defining moment represented by a famous guitar riff. Our journey starts in 1953, with “Mr. Sandman” by Chet Atkins. Pretty soon, and quite seamlessly, we get to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, Queen and The Ramones, and eventually some more contemporary pairings – Green Day and White Stripes. The video is sponsored by the Chicago Music Exchange, a store specializing in vintage gear, like the $32,995 1958 Fender Strat played in the clip. A full list of riffs appears below the jump.

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Musicians Pay Tribute To Fallen SLAYER Guitarist Jeff Hanneman

Musicians Pay Tribute To Fallen SLAYER Guitarist Jeff Hanneman:
The metal world is still shocked about the news that broke yesterday that Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman of Slayer passed away due to liver failure at the young age of 49. ....
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Metalhead beards...

Metal Hammer Beardwatch 2: Desertfest (AKA Beardfest AKA No Seriously, Beards Everywhere):

Lacuna Coil Interview

Lacuna Coil Interview:
Lacuna Coil have been touring relentlessly in support of their 2012 album Dark Adrenaline. After a trek to South America, they are on tour with Sevendust and Coal Chamber. I caught up with vocalists Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro before their Charlotte show. We talked about the tour, the reaction to Dark Adrenaline, their progress on a new album, the music business and other topics.
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HAMMER MÜZİK METAL SHOP: Hammer Müzik; metalin ve metalcinin yanında…

"Rock’ın Mütevazı Adamı

Rock’ın Mütevazı Adamı:
Bir çok kaynak tarafından mütevazı ve sakin duruşu yüzünden “Rock müziğin sessiz adamı” olarak adlandırılan İngiliz müzisyen Mark Knopfler geçtiğimiz haftasonu İstanbuldaydı....

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