Wednesday, March 22, 2017

"10 Greatest Metal Performances On British Television

10 Greatest Metal Performances On British Television
Brits have been starved of heavy metal on their TV screens. Here are ten stellar performances that managed to make...

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

:( "Apocalyptica, Türkiye konserini iptal etti

Apocalyptica, Türkiye konserini iptal etti
Çıkış albümü "Plays Metallica by Four Cellos"un 20. yılı için düzenlenen özel bir turne kapsamında 8 Nisan Cumartesi günü İstanbul'da sahne alacağı bildirilen Apocalyptica, konserini iptal ettiğini bildirdi. Sosyal medya hesabından bir açıklama ...
Dünyaca ünlü metal grubu Apocalyptica, İstanbul konserini iptal ettiBirgün Gazetesi

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

"Metal fetus proves that Rock 'n' Roll isn't dead

Some babies are just born metal.
While most ultrasounds look can like an unrecognizable blob of black and white, parents in Utah got a special surprise when an ultrasound of their baby showed it really loved Rock 'n' Roll.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

"Japanese Grindcore Band VISCERA INFEST Has Invented "Cockroach Moshing"

Just get down on the floor and start freaking out, basically.

"So, here's how Lady Gaga's performance with Metallica should have gone

At least we know one of their performances went according to plan.
The Grammy performance of Metallica and Lady Gaga hit a bit of a snag during the actual show when microphone issues resulted in James Hetfield’s voice being inaudible.

Friday, March 3, 2017

"İsveç black metal sahnesinin önemli isimlerinden IT hayatını kaybetti

Dance on Meshuggah - Careless Motion

Published on Feb 7, 2017 A cover tribute to Meshuggah (on the song "Lethargica") where the obsessional riffs are played on the electric violin and the lyrics are screamed out by the dancer. Growing individualism, widening inequality, violence, manipulation, provocation; a killing machine is on its way. This short movie deals with the identity of an individual who is both an actor in, and spectator of the human decline. A contemporary dance, backed by extreme metal music, reflects his reaction in the face of his inevitable falling. ------------------------------------------------------ Starring Dancer - Violette Wanty Violinist - Alexandra Laya Director Guillaume Maurice Producers Missing Art Production & Careless Motion Writing video clip Violette Wanty & Alexandra Laya Camera Operators Guillaume Maurice Sidoine Tesson Editing Guillaume Maurice Sidoine Tesson Quentin Guestin Music Lethargica - Meshuggah Arrangement Careless Motion Musicians Voice - Violette Wanty Violins - Alexandra Laya Bass - Benoit Claus Drums - Leopold Arnault Mixing Alexandra Laya Terrance Hobbs Léopold Arnault Mastering Antoine Pirog Filming Sound Engineer Antoine Leboisselier Photographers Eloise Le Névanic Franck Simon Bass player actor Antoine Leboisselier Crew Leopold Arnault Eloise Le Névanic Franck Simon Antoine Leboisselier Maxence Wangermez

"Antifa örgütler MARDUK’un Kuzey Amerika turnesine karşı harekete geçiyor

Black metal vs Antifa.

"Lars Ulrich Says METALLICA Hope To Collaborate With LADY GAGA More, Calls Her "The Quintessential Fifth Member of This Band"

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Thrashfire - 2007 Promo [2007]- UÇK Grind - Justice [2007] and more...

UÇK Grind - Justice [2007]

Death Metal/Grindcore | Istanbul | More Info

1. Intro (Only Death Is Real)
2. Justice
3. Trust Or Grind
4. Corruption (Death Room Cover)
5. Ne Umiray (Shturtzite Cover)

Thrash Metal | Ankara | More Info

1. Silent Torture
2. Kill The Fake God

Baht - Resurgence Hour [2009]

Progressive Death Metal | Istanbul | More Info

1. Dead Conceit
2. Sacred Enigma

Melodic Death Metal | Izmir | More Info

1. Judged to Execution
2. Golden Gate
3. Childhood Dead Toy
4. Forgotten Feelings 
5. Memories 
6. Man in Fire
7. 23. Stair 
8. Off You Go
9. No Concession
10. Dogs of Pavlov 
11. Tiempo R Raya
12. Last Pieces of Hope

Brutal Death Metal | Istanbul | More Info

1. Causing Mass Carnage
2. Mass Decapitation
3. Drowning by Sense of Perversion

"Self Torture - Tried & True [2010]- from Old Turkish Metal

Self Torture - Tried & True [2010]

Hardcore/Death Metal | Ankara | More Info

1. First Strike
2. Error
3. Point
4. Outward 
5. Certainty
6. Mouth Shut
7. Sighting
8. Conditional
9. Fulltime
10. Picking Apples
11. Selective

"Episode 13 - Death Reclaims the Earth [2010]- from Old Turkish Metal

Black Metal | Eskişehir | More Info

1.Ars Moriendi
2.Physical Comatose & Mental Overdose
4.Ignorance Is Bliss
5.Ultimate Sterilization
7.Spread His Word 

from Old Turkish Metal: Acrossanity - Out of Light [2008]

Acrossanity - Out of Light [2008]

Death Metal | Istanbul | More Info

1. Call of Jackal
2. Out of Light
3. Disciples of the Watch I
4. Disciples of the Watch II
5. Defenders of the Faith
6. Reborn
7. Final Conflict