Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"Dave Mustaine Reveals Least Favourite Megadeth Track

‘So, Yeah, It Didn’t Work’ – Dave Mustaine Reveals Least Favourite Megadeth Track:
Dave’s mistake: Mainman unhappy with track from ‘Risk’
Dave Mustaine has admitted that his track Crush ‘Em, from 1999 album Risk, is his least favourite Megadeth track.
And he’s explained how writing and releasing it added up to a “huge mistake.”
He tells Noisecreep: “Probably the dumbest song Megadeth ever did was Crush ‘Em. Not that I hate it, because we’ve never released something I didn’t like musically – but I’m not that fond of it.”
The track started life as his attempt to prevent Gary Glitter song Rock And Roll being played at hockey games, and later wound up on the soundtrack to Universal Soldier: The Return.
Mustaine says: “I remember the day our manager at the time came to my house and he goes, ‘Two words: crush ‘em.’ The silence was deafening.
“I wanted to write a hockey song because I was sick of Gary Glitter being played in all the arenas. I’m a season-ticket holder and this is a family sport. I didn’t want that guy’s song – I wanted to write something better.
“So I wrote the riff, then I see the lyrics and I think, ‘This isn’t what I was thinking.’
“We’d had huge success with our prior album, big singles and all of that. That had never happened before. So we figures, why not give the label and our management more to work with, since the last one did so well on radio? That was a huge mistake.
“So, yeah – it didn’t work.”
But even though he’s known for his motormouth abilities, he’s glad that hasn’t permeated into his music. “I make sure I don’t say something stupid,” he says. “I’ve been pretty fortunate – there haven’t been too many dumb songs in our discography.”
Megadeth are currently at work on their next album, Super Collider, due out in June. Disturbed frontman David Draiman recently discussed his contribution to the record.

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