Monday, January 26, 2015

Video: Substitute Metal Genre Titles


Manly Men Metal - Texas and Whiskey. There's nothing else you'll ever need.

Douchebraincore - All I do is rage it, blaze it, suck it, fuck it, take a hit. Hater's keep on hatin cause they know that I be killin it. I don't give a shit about the things they say to bring me down. Hell yeah!

Don't Drop The Soap Metal - ??????? (but be afraid)

#illuminati nwo metal - Oh look inside yourself, the mechanics of a machine. We are not human beings. Illuminati confirmed.

Bebop Gibberish Slime Groove - Wokty flip zaborganof. Eat some more stroganoff. Potato peels on my heels.

Lose your voice core - ..............

Every For Today song core - And so we fight the oppression, in all of our songs. We will always stand and fight. Rise up. Here comes the breakdown.

Shrieking Eel metal - I sound like a dying pterodactyl.

Blood splattered cadaver metal - shredded wheat?? ^(` ( o o ) ' )^

Progressive Narrative Djent Core - Something about toast

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